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Crescent Moon Strainer

Crescent Moon Strainer

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The Crescent Moon Strainer    

This strainer is perfect for magic play. Two crescent moons sit aside a full moon that has holes in to make straining tea, fizz & potions easy. Perfect for moon charging crystals or making moon water. 

Use to extend fizz, potion, mud kitchen, sand, water and really any sensory play by providing a place to observe a little longer. A pause. After watching my child's play for many years. There was always a frenzied excitement to fizz play that see's lots of water poured over very quickly and sometimes this means ingredients disappear faster than we would have liked. A keen observer he would then ask for more, more, more.... so enter the strainer collection. A perfectly sized spot to hold PlayFizz and provide opportunity to watch it bubble, react and fizz a little longer and collect the crystals and botanicals. Perfect for scooping flowers, collecting treasures, sand play etc.. 

Designed in Australia. Ethically and lovingly hand-carved, hand-sanded & hand-polished by Vietnamese artisans in a traditional craft village preserving ancient skills and providing income. 

This one can be hung up by the handy hand holes when not in play.  

Due to the natural nature of this product. No two are the same, there are variations in the wood grains and craftmanship giving each item its own personality. 

Dimensions: 10cm x 7cm 

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