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Make magic happen with our beautiful set of 2 castanets.
Otherwise known as clackers or palillos, castanets are percussion instruments typically used in Spanish, Italian, Swiss, and Portuguese music.
Our castanets promote the use of fine motor skills assisting with the coordination of tiny fingers to produce a clicking sound. Once this skill has been mastered, your little one can then copy you, holding the castanets in hand to produce a series of clicks to create a ripping or rattling sound and creating a basic beat.
We hope you love our castanets as much as we do and they provide your little ones with countless hours of joy, musical expression, and excitement ... (warning - you may enjoy dancing and singing with our instruments just as much as your little ones!!)

Note: We are passionate about your little one's safety. We are proud to say all of our products have been tested and meet Australian Toy Safety Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124-1

Materials: FSC certified oak wood

All our instruments are handmade items, are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced.

Each piece has unique flaws making them individual to you!


  • Suited for Age 3+

  • Only to be used under adult supervision

  • The music instruments in this set are not teething items and should not be bitten or used for teething. Always check toys before use and discard product at the first sign of any damage

  • Ensure wrapping and packaging is removed from the product
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